EZPack® Water Ltd. is Launching New Product – the EZPowerPack™

EZPack® Water Ltd. – an Israeli company specializes in water and energy is launching a new product – the EZPowerPack™. The EZPowerPack™ development was initiated by Apollo Power from Israel. EZPack® signed an agreement with Apollo Power for manufacturing and marketing the product.

Deliveries starts on Q1/2020.

The EZPowerPack™ is a solar generator for production, storage and usage of electricity. The system serves both the off-grid market and the backup power market.

The EZPowerPack™ offers three different capacities to support different use case between 300Wh up to 1280Wh.

It is compatible with proprietary flexible solar panels produced by Apollo Power.

The EZPowerPack™ is the best solar system there is on the market, featuring:

  • Durable – High quality materials and long-lasting batteries.
  • Input capability and flexibility – charge at a rate of up to 330w, connect almost any solar panel or all outlet.
  • Output capabilities – support couple of appliances at a high consumption rate. Supports rice cooker and refrigerator.
  • UE and power management abilities.


About EZPack Water

EZPack Water Ltd., is a private Israeli company manufacturing and marketing proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution and mobility. The company products are aimed to markets such as emergency, disaster relief, construction, the mining industry, agriculture, military, and a myriad of other applications.

For more information about EZPack Water  visit: https://www.ezpackwater.com/
On LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/company/ezpack-water-ltd-/about/