Emergency Management & Fast Deployment

People can survive days without food, but only hours without water.


Lack of drinking water needs to be addressed immediately, and it is one of the first issues authorities need to deal with in any disaster or emergency. The short term objective is to supply minimum amount of water needed until the normal

The PWSDS is a complete concept that deals with fast deployment of an alternative water supply system to areas that were hit by a disaster of any kind. (Such as Typhoons, Flooding, Hurricanes or water contamination)

The Flatbed track conversion kit convert easily a flat track into a water container track. The Kits can be stored in a central units and be assembled relatively easy on flat trucked that found available after the disaster. It is a key component in the WSDS systems.

The Heavy Duty double Layer bladders comes on all sizes from 50 Gallons to 5000 Gallons. It can be operated by using Pumps if placed on earth or by gravity if placed on special Aluminum Stages.