EZPuro™ - Compact-Robotic Water Purification/Desalination System

Reverse osmosis | EZPAck PuroReverse Osmosis (RO) is the most efficient way to purify water today. EZPuro™ is a robotic RO water purifier.

EZPuro™ technology allows to purify 99.3% of all the contamination in the feed water. This implicates that EZPuro™ provides extremely pure water that can be used for many purposes with zero user intervention.




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The EZCond™ has the following attributes:

  • EZPuro™ is the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST machine in its category – a key feature in many industries.
  • EZPuro™ is the SMARTEST water purifier in the world. It is a pioneer in the world of water treatment, with a level of automation that does not yet exist in any other product in the market. It can be easily operated by any individual, not only professionals, and promises a continuous optimized performance in term of water production rate, longer service periods and higher water quality. This is achieved by means of ROBOTIC control and monitoring system.
  • EZPuro™ uses a complex algorithm to control two actuated proportional valves according data collected from multiple of sensors.
  • EZPuro™ is equipped with 4.3″ touch screen and Wi-Fi connection to maximize the user interface experience and allow full monitoring on the machine performance without being on site.
  • EZPuro™ can handle very rough feed water, outperforming most of the machines in its category, which fail to operate under such conditions.

EZPack Puro

One of the markets that EZPack® that presents significant potential to the EZPuro™ is the cannabis growing market. Water quality is an often-overlooked aspect of cannabis growing. It can be responsible for so many problems, including those dealing with nutrients. Cannabis is ninety percent water and uses it in a number of ways to live and grow. Water transports nutrients gives the plant its stiffness and lushness or “turgor,” and plays a major part in photosynthesis. During the day, water travels up the stem to the leaves where it evaporates through tiny holes called stomata and is then exchanged for carbon dioxide. This is called transpiration. The exchanged carbon dioxide is then used to in combination with light to create sugars which are the plant’s food; this is called photosynthesis. Poor water quality means these processes can’t function. So indoor or outdoor, water quality is very, very important.

Many problems stemming from water inconsistencies can mimic other issues that can affect the cannabis plant. Aside from over or under-watering, this can include symptoms of over or under fertilization, or even heat stress, and it is usually only the experienced grower that can tell the differences at a glance[1].

Water filtration systems are the way to go. There are numerous filtration systems available, however, cannabis growers usually opt for a RO (Reverse Osmosis) system. These systems work by forcing water molecules through a semipermeable membrane and filtering out contaminants in the process.

The primary advantage of a water filtration system is having an unlimited supply of clean water on hand. Furthermore, RO systems are generally considered to be the safest and purest choice for large-scale water filtration.

The EZPuro™ is an ideal RO system for cannabis growing. It can fit small, medium and large growers by integrating together several modules as required. The EZPuro™ basic operation model is 500 liter/hour (125 gallon/hour). When using more than one module, the modules are connected to control system that manage and control the operation according to the actual conditions. This configuration has several advantages:

  • The control system determines online how many units to operate and at what rate according to the actual consumption, therefore, saving operating time and costs.
  • When maintenance (or system malfunction) is needed, only the relevant system is out of operation, therefore the water supply continues.


EZPack® is offering the EZPuro™ D – distilled water RO system that includes all the pre-filters needed to produce high-quality distilled water.

EZPack Puro

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