Green-Energy Water Heating & Cooling Systems

EZPack® is developing innovative off-grid water heating & cooling systems based on storing energy in large volume water bladders. Storing energy in water is always more economical then the batteries:

The Thermoflex™ – Green-Energy Water Heating System.

OFF-Grid Cooling Water Cooling System.

Water Storage, Transportation and Distribution Systems

EZPack® bladders are built on our proprietary two layers concept; outside rigid layers and an inside liner which holds the water. The outer layer is built from PE/PVC combination, which is designed to sustain dynamic and static loads; the inner layer is food graded reinforced polyethylene and can be easily replaced.

Water Bladders

The Company offers bladders based on its proprietary 2-layers technology at volumes from 10-liter up to 24,000-liter.

Water Storage & Distribution

The Company offers a full solution for water supply in emergency and/or water crises.  The bladder is based on a proprietary aluminum stage, and the water is running by gravity.

JerryFlex™ – Jerry-Can Replacement

The JerryFlex™ 2 layers bladder that is aimed to replace the standard rigid jerry-can.

EZStack™ – Bladders Array for Large Water Storage

The EZStack™ is a large water storage (up to millions of liters) that is built of EZPack® bladders or FlexCon™ and provide a large water storage at significant lower cost and installation time.

HipoKit™ – A Double Decker Modular Water Systems Conversion Kit

The Company developed module that allows easy conversion of flatbed truck (or trailer) into a tanker. Within two hours a team of two persons can transfer a truck or trailer into a water tanker. No heavy tools are required.

Spider™ – Detachable Mobile Water Unit

The Spider™ replaces the old Buffalo. It is a mobile water unit on trailer or truck, which can be place in the field and free the vehicle for other missions.

FlexCon™ – Water Storage Container

24,000-liter water stored in 20’ container.
48,000-liter water stored in 40’ container.

Water Storage for 4WD & Pickups

Unique bladder installation on the roof of pickup/SUV, or back-bed of pickup, for water storage every-where.

Tactical vehicle Water Storage

Water storage installation for tactical vehicle; include custom design installations.


Using FlexCon™, HipoKit™ and EZStack™ the Company is offering systems to push water to fire-trucks in fire-fighting-line.

Pre-Paid Water Billing System Based on Blockchain

The pre-paid water billing system has the following elements:

  • Cell-phone app for ordering and paying for water.
  • Payment and control system based on Blockchain.
  • Smart meters at the customer location.