A 5-gallon Double-Layered Multipurpose Bladder for 4WD Vehicles by EZPack

The Problem:

jerryflex-outdoorCurrent 4WD water-storage solutions are mostly based on rigid tanks. Storing water in rigid tanks requires special hookup, takes up storage space when empty, maintenance, and offers poor-quality water.
Collapsible (Flexible) water bladders supposedly solve part of the problem and therefore were already introduced to the market but still suffer from several deficiencies like:

  • Practically impossible to clean
  • Poor water quality
  • Bad taste after just several uses

The Solution:

The JerryFlexTM offers the following advantages:

  • Always fresh and tasty water – the JerryFlexreplaceable food-graded insert.
  • No maintenance or cleaning is required– just replace the inner insert.
  • Multipurpose –can be used for either water or diesel. Just use different insert.
  • Super durable – the JerryFlexTM has been tested and found ideal for military use.
  • Easy hookup – fits any standard Jerry Can holder or any other inner or outer vehicle hookup.
  • Minimal storage space – When empty, storage spacereduces by approximately 80%
  • Competitive price

Materials and Specifications:

Outer Layer: PES 1100 Dtx (PES 1000Den).
Inner Layer: Food-graded PE.
Weight: Empty 1.3 lb.
Dimensions – Full: 21”x14”x5.5”