Heavy Duty Bladders

The EZPack  system is ready to use when you need it and is customizable to fit your needs. It comes in a large variety of sizes. The outer bladder is made from durable materials and comes with a limited 3 year warranty. When not in use, it has a small footprint. EZPack bladders are based on EZPack’s proprietary 2-layers bladder technology.

Construction and industrial, mining, agriculture, and infrastructure projects in urban or remote areas need to transport water and on site storage. Your water volume needs can range between a few hundred gallons to thousands of gallon depending on the site size and requirements. Previously only two types of water storage were available: rigid tanks/tankers and bladders. Both solutions have limitations such as transportation expenses, availability, and down time for cleaning, to name a few. Now there is the EZPack system.

The EZPack System is a customizable, comprehensive water solution for your water supply for all projects and regular water needs. Use for potable, or gray water, switch between them by changing the liner. Its modular “Lego” concept enables us to build a solution for any site requirements.

Applications: construction sites, infrastructure projects, mining, oil fields, water treatment, exploration sites, catering and more…

Human consumption: drinking, cleaning and hygiene.

Water can be delivered by gravitation, when using our stages or by pumps (manual, electrical or solar powered), when placed on the ground,

EZPack solution for remote locations

EZPack storage for water treatment systems