African Village

EZPack Model for the African Village

EZPack Model for Running Water in African Village

Water distribution and transportation in Africa is a major issue for many years. Water sources are Boreholes, Rivers, Fountains or Reservoirs. There is no distribution in most of the villages. Getting water is always a task for women and children and it consumes large portion of their time on a daily basis. It affects the ability of the women to help in earnings and the children from learning and homework.

The UN Secretary General announced that two billion people have gained access to safe drinking water in the last 20 years, and that the Millennium Development Goal target on water had been achieved five years early. ……However, despite this success, 783 million people continue to live without clean drinking water. To put that figure into context, that’s around one and a half times the population of the 27 countries within the European Union. …….. getting water to every person on the planet is within our grasp and with the right political will and investment this could become a reality.(

EZPack water storage systems present an effective mean for water distribution within the villages and up to the family house hold creating a water distribution network that is based on bladders, pipes and pumps connecting the bladders with standard flexible water pipes.

A schematic system setup for a village

EZPack water  - African Village

  • Central water storage that contains EZPack bladders.
  • House hold storage based on 200-liter bladder.
  • An electrical power pump of 500 liter / minute based on Solar and backup by a battery. Pump will be used to elevate the water from the river water level or from the water tank track.
  • Preferred design calls for gravity usage as the best mean to transfer water to the family water storage.
  • EZPack developed a modular set of metale stages to mount the bladders where ever needed.
  • Pipe lines and accessories (like taps) are all standard water approved system
  • Civil Eng. Work will be reduced to minimum is at all.

Water Quality

EZPack bladders are sealed (the nature of water bladder) and it requires no maintenance. The insert is made of food-graded materials. From time to time, the inner liner can be replaced and by that ensure high quality water storage and distribution.


The Water Distribution System (WDS) from EZPack includes all the necessary accessories for simple and easy operation. All of those elements have turned the WDS from EZPack Water to the best system of its kind in the world, enabling water isolated communities and villages to provide comprehensive and immediate response to any water supply needs.

EZPack water  - African Village