Thermoflex™ U - Hot Water Supply – Urban Areas


Thermoflex U

Thermoflex U

The Thermoflex™ U is a Hybrid Water Heating System based on a large water bladder heated by a heat pump using Energy Storage technology. The system is powered by electricity from the grid when it is available, at least part of the time. It can be also powered by renewable energy sources (solar, wind).

Such a system can be used for:

  • High residential buildings.
  • Work camps with electricity grid connection.
  • Lodges with power generation.

Energy Storage

The system will keep on heating the central bladder as long as the power is available. In the event of a power shortage there will be enough hot water stored to bridge the time gap. If the power cut-offs are longer it will require larger water storage capacity, that can be implemented by using larger bladder.

Main Bladder

The bladders used in the Thermoflex™ U system is EZPack® proprietary double layer water bladder, installed in an isolated capsule. The bladder’s volume depends on the application and is between 3,000-liter to 24,000-liter.

The Thermoflex™ U Advantages

  • No contact between the water and the heating element.
  • The water temperature is about 500C (reducing energy).
  • Simple maintenance, mostly preventive
  • Drinking water quality!
  • The bladder is also an emergency water reservoir, for events of water shortage or crisis.
  • The water can be served as an emergency reservoir for drinking and firefighting water