EZPower™ Off-Grid Power Generation and Energy Storage Unit

The EZPower™ is an off-grid power generation and storage unit.
The power generation is based on green energy sources.
The EZPower™ can be implemented and adapted to various applications and makes off-grid systems cost-effective and easy to install and operate.

EZPack Solar

Most water reservoir applications require energy to operate. In remote locations where grid is not accessible, an alternative power solution for applications like:

  • Pumping water
  • Water Purification
  • Light & Communication
  • Cold water storage and supply
  • Hot water storage and supply

Solar App - EZPack WaterEZPower™ is an autonomous hybrid system that contain the following elements:

  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbine
  • AC /DC generation
  • Control system

The unit can be customized based on standard modules, and it is packed in a standard container for “on site” easy installation.