PWSDS- Water Storage and Distribution System


Disasters are happening daily and all around the world.

Very often the drinking water supply is functioning partially (or not at all) and/or also water are contaminated. Water crisis and emergencies can also occur due to:

  • Poisoning the water;sabotage of water facilities
  • Vandalism and prohibited Entrance
  • System malfunction


People can survive days without food, but only hours without water. Lack of drinking water needs to be addressed immediately, and it is one of the first issues authorities need to deal with in any disaster or emergency. Water needs to be supplied to the population and to the first responders and rescue teams.

The short term objective is to supply minimum amount of water needed until the normal water supply system will become operational.

The following chart summarizes the logistics considerations of water crises:


A backup water system for emergency needs to address the following requirements:

ü  Portable

ü  Quick and easy deployment

ü  Small storage area when not in use

ü  Minimum or no maintenance

Water Emergency Guidelines – The Israel Experience

Based on extensive experience of dealing with emergency situations, the Israel Water Authority has developed the following guidelines for water crises:

  • The local municipality/water utility is responsible to provide water in a case of water crises.
  • The system should be based on portable water storage distribution systems, which can be easily and quickly deployed.
  • The water distribution station should be arranged so an individual will not have to walk more than 400 meters (450 yards) to get water.
  • Crises duration expected to last up to 10 days (until normal water supply is renewed).
  • Minimum drinking water per day per person is 4 liters (1 gallon water).
  • The authorities need to able to supply water for up to 50% of the population.


Based on those guidelines EZPack Water has developed its Portable Water Storage & Distribution System (PWSDS).

PWSDS Description:

EZPack water storage and distribution system is a comprehensive water solution for emergency and disaster situations. It includes an advanced water bladder, with the integral food-graded inner layer, equipped with all the required accessories.

The system is easy to operate and compact to store, and can be assembled very quickly.

The EZPack water bladder provides clean and fresh water in any environment. The proprietary food-graded inner layer keeps the water fresh and at drinking condition for many months.

The PWSDS requires very small are for storage; can be transported easily on any vehicle – pickup, truck, trailer, etc. and can be placed directly on any type of ground (rocky, mud, etc.).

Water can be delivered by gravitation, or by using manual or electrical pump.

The PWSDS provide solution for storing water (large and small volume), water distribution. And water transport.

Water Transport:

The EZPack bladders can be used for water transport in various ways:



The PWSDS is a comprehensive water solution for water supply. Its “Lego” concept enables to build solution for any site requirements.


In its bladders, EZPack incorporated its proprietary unique 2 layers concept:

  • Outside layer – made of durable thermoplastic outer frame, which can be positioned on any terrain.
  • Inside layer – Built from food-graded materials approved by health authorities. The proprietary food-graded inner layer keeps the water fresh and at drinking condition for long time.


The EZPack bladders are available at sizes from 50 liters (~10 gallons) up to 20,000 liters (~5,000 gallons). The various sizes availability allows the PWSDS to be built according to site requirements (number of people to be served; frequent of water supply; etc.).

EZPack Bladders Chart

Model Capacity


Size (cm)

Storage Size (cm) Storage Weight
Liter Gallon Kg  
EZPack 10 10 2.5 45×60 35x35x50 0.5 1
EZPack 50 50 13 60×90 35x35x50 1 2
EZPack 100 100 25 135×90 35x35x50 1 2
EZPack 200 200 50 150×90 35x35x70 1.5 3
EZPack 500 500 130 200×120 35x35x70 3 6
EZPack 1,000 1,000 260 200×200 35x35x70 5 10
EZPack 2,000 2,000 520 200×300 35x35x70 13 26
EZPack 3,000 3,000 790 200X500 50x50x100 14 28
EZPack 5,000 5,000 1,300 200X700 50x50x100 17 35
EZPack 7,000 7,000 1,800 200×1,000 50x50x100 25 50
EZPack 10,000 10,000 2,600 200×1,500 70x70x150 35 70
EZPack 15,000 15,000 3,900 200×2,000 70x70x150 50 100
EZPack 20,000 20,000 5,200 200×2,000 70x70x150 70 140