Water Storage for Tactical Vehicles

EZPack water system is a comprehensive water solution for various situations. It includes an advanced water pillow, with the integral food-graded inner layer, equipped with all the required accessories.

The system is easy to operate and compact to store, and can be assembled very quickly. The EZPack includes all the required accessories to fill water, drinking and washing.

EZPack water bladder provides clean and fresh water in any environment. The proprietary food-graded inner layer keeps the water fresh and at drinking condition for many months.

EZPack water bladders are ideal for installations for military vehicles for water storage. EZPack water storage can be provided in any size, and therefore can fit in various areas inside or outside the vehicle. The EZPack water system can provide water for drinking, cleaning, cocking and any other use. The food-graded inner layer keeps the water fresh and clean even at harsh weather conditions.

The EZPack bladders main advantages:

  1. The water is suitable for drinking for long time.
  2. No maintenance or cleaning – just replace the inner insert (5 minutes, low cost).
  3. Durability – when a bullet hit the bladder – change the inner insert and the bladder can be used.

The following photos illustrate various installation options: