Oasis - Mobile Water Storage

Buffalo type mobile storage unit is used for long time by armed forces.

The Buffalo main dis-advantages are:

  1. Require regular maintenance to preserve its ability to store drinking water.
  2. Water has residuals tastes.
  3. In hot days the water temperatures are high, due to the Buffalo metal structure.
  4. Requires large storage area.
  5. Expensive.
  6. No alternative use.

EZPack is introducing the new generation of water Buffalo – the Oasis – based on EZPack proprietary 2 layers bladders.

The Oasis is installed on a standard trailer, and enables various water volume up to 1,000 liter/250 gallon (higher volumes are available also).

The bladder is based on EZPack proprietary 2 layers technology. The external layer, made of rigid PVC, and inner insert – made of food graded materials – that holds the drinking water. The inner insert is replaced before the Oasis is re-stored, eliminating the need for cleaning or chlorination. The bladder is isolated, and shaded in order to preserve the water temperature. The Oasis has 4 to 6 integral spigots. An integral LED lighting enables work during nights or low light conditions.

A cooling system of 3/4 HP can be easily installed, providing continues supply of cooled water, within minutes from setting-up the Oasis. The system operates on 110V/220V is operational during driving time. It can be powered from the Vehicle or from a standalone generator.


When the Oasis water storage is not in use, all the system is packed in a small box, freeing the trailer to be used for other tasks. Installing the water storage on the trailer takes less than half an hour, requires no tools, and can be done by single person.

Within 10 minutes from arriving to the parking area, the cooling will start providing cooled water.

The Oasis advantages:

  • Immediate supply of cool, clean drinking water
  • No maintenance! No chlorination!
  • Dual use trailer
  • Very short time setup time.
  • High benefit-cost ratio.



  1. Total weight with 1,000 liter/250 gallon bladder – 1,200 kg/3,300 lb.
  2. Water Bladder:
    1. Volume – 1,000 liter/250 gallon
    2. Dimensions – 225X80X50 cm/7.4X2.6X1.7 ft
  1. External layer:
    1. Material – PES 1100 Dtx (PES 1000Den)
    2. Polymer – PVC
    3. Material weight – ASTM D 751 – 610 gr/m2 (19 oz./yud2)
    4. Tearing force – ASTM D 751 Procedure B – 285/275 lb./inch (250/230 kg/cm)
  2. Inner insert – PE / Met PET / PE