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In emergency situations – like terror attacks, wars, earth quakes, floods, storms, etc. – water storage and distribution systems can be damaged partially of fully, causing water crises to a significant amount of people.

Water crises can be caused by:

  1. Damage to local, state or federal water supply systems
  2. Intentional damage to water supply systems
  3. Serious technical malfunction
  4. Nature disaster
  5. Water contamination

In such situations water supply to household can be interrupted for certain amount of time (sometimes days). In order to ensure essential water supply authorities as well as individuals have to be prepared to such events.

It is mandatory for authorities to have emergency water storage and supply systems, and in many countries it is recommended that each house will have its own emergency water storage equipment.

Each person needs about 4 liter (1gallon) of water per day. The authorities must be prepared to provide alternative water supply systems and the amount and size is defined by the size of population they are responsible to. It is also recommended that each house will have its own emergency water storage capabilities to support the people in the house for at least 2 days.
EZPack has developed water distribution and storage systems for those events (WSDS). The system is based on EZPack unique and proprietary water “bladder” tanks, which can store water in drinking conditions for months. EZPack emergency water storage and distribution system has been developed according to the Israeli emergency water authorities, and is based on long experience in emergency situations.