24 Cubic Meter Kit for 20 ft' Container for Mass Storage and Distribution

FlexCon™ 24 – 24 CBM Water Storage Kit for 20’ Container

All logistics systems around us are geared to deal with standard shipping containers. It made sense to configure our water storage & distribution to fit into a 20ft container.

The FlexCon™ 24 is a proprietary water module for 20’ container, based on our unique 2 layers bladder technology. The FlexCon™24 is based on a standard sized steel shipping container and fits any container transportation method. The FlexCon™ 24 is built on 24,000 liter/6,000 gallon bladder.


The FlexCon™ 24 is based on EZPackTM® proprietary 2 layers bladder technology:

Outside layer – made of durable thermoplastic outer frame, which can be positioned on any terrain.

Inside layer – Built from food-graded materials approved by health authorities. The proprietary food-graded inner layer keeps the water fresh and at drinking condition for long time.

The FlexCon™ 24 is available in several configurations:

The FlexCon™ 24 is available with 4 taps stands with 7 taps.