Deliver & Free the vehicle in just minutes

Vehicles can  be used in order to deliver the Spider to its location.
One vehicle can service several spiders.

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Massive solution for Water transportation and storage

Containers can be installed in an array to create extra large reservoir on very small footprint and investment level.
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EZPack is the only flexible drinking water container

in the market with inner liner

EZPack Water Ltd. is a private Israeli company, which develops, manufactures and markets unique proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution and mobility.
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EZPack water storage and distribution system is a comprehensive water solution for emergency and disaster situations. It includes an advanced water bladder, with the integral food-graded inner layer, equipped with all the required accessories.

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Institutional & Rural

Various solutions for water transportation

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Emergency Management

Wide range of water storage solutions

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Various water supply solutions for military applications.

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No maintenance

No color, odor, taste or change to the quality of the stored water

No Cleaning

Super heavy duty – various durable materials


BPA Free

Fold to flat when not in use - small footprint


FDA Approved

Wide variety of sizes: 10 - 20000 liter/2.5 – 5,000 gallon